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Дома е едукативна еколошка онлајн платформа на Институтот за комуникациски студии.
Мисијата на ИКС е да помогнеме во зајакнувањето на македонската демократија во работата со медиумите, граѓанското општество и јавните институции, едуцирајќи критична јавност која ќе бара поголема транспарентност и отчетност преку вклучување на граѓаните во креирањето јавни политики.
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About us

Doma is online environmental educational platform of the Institute for Communication Studies

What is “Doma”?

Protection of the environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by Macedonia and the region. The lack of verified, accurate and precise information, quality analysis, debate, as well as responsibility from the relevant institutions was the reason to create #Doma.

#Doma is an environmental, educational, online platform of the Institute for Communication Studies through which we research, analyze, inform and educate on topics related to environment, biodiversity, sustainable practices and environmental awareness.

The purpose of #Doma is to inform and educate about the protection of the environment and biodiversity, to instigate debate and motivate the citizens to be actively involved, and to put pressure on the institutions for the purpose of problem solving. #Doma will also require answers from the relevant institutions, which will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their accountability and transparency and will contribute towards more informed and actively engaged citizens.

The environmental issues, as well as nature itself, know no political boundaries. #Doma will explore the natural values as well as the natural hazards and threats at regional level, in cooperation with all Balkan countries and beyond.

This website was developed in the frames of the project “Use of facts-based journalism to raise awareness of and counteract disinformation in the North Macedonia media space (Use Facts)”, implemented by the Institute for Communication Studies. The project is funded by the United Kingdom Government, with support of the British Embassy in Skopje. The views and opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the British Government.

Welcome to #Doma!


Kiril Przho

+389 2 3090 004

About us

The Institute for Communication Studies (ICS) is a non-profit scientific research organization, founded in 2012.

The ICS mission is to assist the strengthening of the Macedonian democracy in working with the media, civil society organizations and public institutions, educating a critical public that will seek greater transparency and accountability by involving citizens in public policy making.